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Feedback and Complaints

Axess Ability is committed to enabling our service users and their families and carers to influence and voice their opinions about our service, and effect change where possible and appropriate.


We will endeavour to satisfy requirements and get things right the first time, however, we accept that mistakes can be made.  Should this occur we will acknowledge it and rectify the problem as quickly as possible.


Axess Ability values your feedback and encourages our service users, families, friends and carers to give us feedback on our services, programs, activities and staff.


If you have any positive feedback, or suggestions to improve our programs and services, you can access the Positive Feedback Form here. 

The Positive Feedback Form can be forwarded to


We recognise that it is not always possible to solve a problem in an informal way, and therefore have a Complaints Procedure to ensure a complainant knows the process and what they can expect from our organisation.  A Complaint Form may be accessed here, and forwarded to

Details of all complaints are recorded in the services Complaint Log.  In order to make improvements to how policies and procedures are implemented, Axess Ability will regularly review complaints that have been made, however informal. Any corrective action required to prevent further complaints and/or make improvements in service delivery will be noted in the Action Log.

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