About Us

Axess Ability is a new service which opened in 2014 at the instigation of a dedicated group of parents wanting a different approach to service delivery.  We are a family friendly service where the needs of our participants and their parents, guardians and carers are valued and respected.

As a quality provider of support services for adults with intellectual disabilities, we take pride in offering support for participants to actively engage in their community, whilst encouraging particpants to make their own decisions about individual goals and aspirations to enhance their lives. 

Our Vision


A world which respects the well-being, safety, and dignity of all people and values everyone's right to live a fulfilling life of their choice, regardless of ability.

Mission Statement


To provide a stimulating environment which respects, values, and empowers all people to actively engage in a rewarding and fulfilling life experience, through access to interesting community venues and activities, supporting self-determination, well-being and safety, and effective communication. 

Our Values
Every person should live the life of their choice, in and environment that is safe from abuse and neglect and which promotes empowerment, independence, and individuality.